Town East Bingo

Total prizes paid to customers from 2005 till Sept. 2017, $28,641,133.00

Total amount paid to the local governing body from 2015 till Sept. 2017, $213,428.96

Charity Code Purpose
Sharing Life Community Outreach Inc. 501 C 3 Provide food and clothing to the needy.
VAAD Hakashrus of Dallas 501 C 3 Promote observance of Kosher through education and supervision.
Dallas Jewish Historical Society Inc. 501 C 3 Preserving the past, records history, exhibits artifacts.
Magdalen House Inc. 501 C 3 Day temporary residence; Women detox facility.
Mesquite Social Services Inc. 501 C 3 Render emergency aid and referral assistance to persons in the Mesquite area.